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Tupperware Tony's Helpful Hints For Your Tupperware

Helpful Hint #1

If you wish to avoid staining when you are using tomato based foods, like spaghetti sauce in your Tupperware. Do the following, rinse the inside of your container with cold water (but don't let it dry) before you put the food in it.

Helpful Hint #2

For the cigar smoker in the house--why spend hundreds of dollars on those fancy wooden cigar boxes just to keep your fine cigars in; with Tupperware you can store those fine cigars and keep them fresh as the day you bought them. You can use the Tupperware Storzalot, Modular Keeper or the Large Freezer Mate Container to keep them fresh and smooth. (With the extra money that you saved, your husband can take you out for a fine dinner).

Helpful Hint #3

If you wish to remove odors from your Tupperware containers, place crumbled newspaper inside, place the seal on the container and leave it for a few days.

Helpful Hint #4

For entertaining when your friends or family decide to pop in for unexpected visit, always keep some carrot sticks, celery and fresh broccoli pieces, etc. in the fridge with the new Fridge Smart containers. These containers will keep your vegetables fresh for weeks on end. With this in mind, it will only take you about two minutes to put together a tasty vegetable and dip platter, so you will have something to nibble on while you chat.

Helpful Hint #5

If there's a fisherman in your family, Tupperware has the answer just for you. The Tupperware Pic-A-Deli pickle container is just the one thing they will need for their bait minnows. This keeps them fresh for hours and the innovative lift up strainer makes it easier than ever to grab one.

Helpful Hint #6

If you have occasional stains or film deposits on your Tupperware, clean your Tupperware with baking soda paste. This should remove the stains and the film deposits (my recommendation to do this only on Tupperware purchased after 1980).

Helpful Hint #7

If you are in charge of organizing a Wedding Bridal Shower for the lucky bride-to-be, could you think of a better way to start the new bride on her way towards a lifetime of happiness? A Tupperware Bridal Shower is easy on everyone, because no matter what you choose as a gift, you know the new bride will just love it.