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Tupperware Party in Two Minutes

June 27, 1999

Game by: Kerri M


Give all guests a piece of paper and pencil. Using a timer, give guests 2 minutes to write down their favorite food, favorite drink, and as many people as they know who live within 30 minutes away from their home. Give a small gadget to the person sharing your favorite drink, and one for your favorite food. Give a larger gadget to the person with the most names on their list. Then, tell them all they just planned their own Tupperware Party in two minutes, Wasn't that easy? Give a gift to anyone who decides to date right then.
Order Form Game

July 9, 1999

Game By: Sara Allen

1. English cricket ground
Answer: Oval

2. Cool friend
Answer: Fridge Mate

3. Helper in the kitchen
Answer: Cooks Maid

4. Would you find a pearl in this?
Answer: Oyster

5. Acrobats
Answer: Tumblers

6. Could you use this as a kids snack?
Answer: Little luncher

7. Last thing man does after loo
Answer: Quickshake

8. Neat and tidy
Answer: Organisers

9. 101 uses for this?
Answer: Dalmation Set

10.Up the creeek?
Answer: Paddle Scraper

Shape O Ball Relay

Game By Trisha

July 20,2000

Split your guests up into two teams. Give each team a Shape O Ball, ( Now in two great wonderful colors ) Each person on the team has to take out each shape and put them back into the Shape O Ball. First team to finish WINS.

The Paper Bag Game

Game by:

July 20,2000

Give everybody a paper bag (one that will fit over their heads). On the side that is not folded down have them draw a face. Then have them put the bag over their head. (Now don't tell them the object of the game is to take the bag off their heads).Now tell them to remove something off their body. It could be jewelry, clothing (but don't strip please) or anything on their body. This part is very funny to watch. Now tell to remove something from their bodies twice more. The one who is wise enough to take the bag off their head gets a gift. When you have completed the process, the ones who have the bags stil on their heads can take them off now. This is a really cute game to do.

Barnyard BINGO

BY: Amanda Wilson (Tupperware)


This is a game to introduce people! Have a piece of paper for each person. Tell them to write a name of a barnyard animal on it. Then, go around the room and tell everyone to introduce themselves and also, say the name of barnyard animal and the sound it makes. After everyone has had their turn, have the guests pick five numbers, any numbers, between 1 and 25 (have them write them down). Then when everyone is finished, start calling out random numbers. Everytime the guest has the number as you called out, they must cross out that number and yell out their barnyard sound. When all five numbers are crossed out, (guests animal name) loves TUPPERWARE! ie: cows love TUPPERWARE! This is so fun and it really sets the mood for a fun party!