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Party Games

Party Games

Party Games

Party Games

Party Games

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My Disclaimer

The games and consultant help and/or tips, have been sent to me by people just like you. Some of the people have requested that there names not be placed with the games they have sent to me. After the game and/or consultant help has been issued to my pages, I destroy there names if so requested by submitter, all others have been placed on the pages above their games and/or consultant help or tips.

I, at this time, do not claim any or all submissions to this site to have any copywrite, these games and or consultant help and/or tips may or may not be found on other web-sites and I do not have the time to go through the many thousands of sites which may contain home party games or consultant help. These games and consultant help or tips are to be used for FREE AND NO SALE TO ANYONE WILL BE ALLOWED, this is a free service to all who want to use them (other items on this site are paid advertisers and are allowed to sell their products for profit, these sponsors allow me to bring this web-site to you free of charge). If you have any concerns, please e-mail me at the following address:

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