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Ask each of your guests these questions and give each guest five points for each "yes" answer.

1. Do you have earrings?
2. Do you have blue eyes?
3. Do you have red hair?
4. Are you over 5 feet 6 inches tall?
5. Are you wearing fingernail polish?
6. Do you have a gold chain on?
7. Do you have a ten dollar bill in your possession?
8. Are you wearing a dress?
9. Do you have red shoes on?
10. Are you over 35 years old?
11. (Be Honest) Do you have a hole in your sock?
12. Are you wearing a Timex watch?
13. Are you wearing a shoe over size 8?
14. Are you wearing "running" shoes?
15. Do you have a crown on your tooth?
16. Have you come in a blue car?
17. Are you wearing glasses?
18. Is the outfit you are wearing have buttons on it?
19. Are you a former Tupperware Hostess?
20. Are you willing to have a Tupperware Party? (For booking a party today you will receive the Hostess Gift Specials that are current right now)

Now have all your guests add up their score, and the guest with the highest score will receive a special gift from the consultant.

Can You Hold That Pose!

Ask everyone to respond to these questions by following directions, precisely.

1. If you have car and you know how to drive, hold up your righ hand.
2. If you enjoy being with people, wiggle your fingers.
3. If you have a telephone and love to talk, hold up your left hand.
4. If you like money and wish to have more or it, raise your right leg.
5. If you have lots of Tupperware products and are glad of it, raise your left leg.
6. If you like giving your opinion or saying what you think, nod your head.

Now pick one of the most enthusiastic people from those who have two hands and legs in the air. Have everyone else hold their position until guest comes up front. Then have the guest introduce themself to the group and select a Tupperware product he or she wants to buy or has at home and have them demonstrate it. Tell them you have something special to talk about later. (Recruiting bid) Give everyone a gift for being such good sports.

Silly Questions

Ask each guest to answer the following questions, you may have them write them down or answer out loud.

1. When was the war of 1812?
Answer: 1812
2. How much would 100 eggs cost at 12 cents per dozen?
Answer: $1.00
3. Who wrote Ben Franklin's Autobiography?
Answer: Franklin
4. Where had Sherman been when he marched from Atlanta to the sea?
Answer: Atlanta
5. Who is the father of Zebedee's children?
Answer: Zebedee
6. Who fought the Spanish/American War?
Answer: Spanish and Americans
7. Who wrote Spencer's Fairy Queen?
Answer: Spencer
8. Who was the president during Jefferson's term?
Answer: Jefferson
9. What is the Queen of England called?
Answer: The Queen
10. What do they mine in stone quarries?
Answer: Stones
11. What was "Stonewall" Jackson's nickname?
Answer: Stonewall
12. Who invented Whitney's cotton gin?
Answer: Whitney
13. What does the Statue of Liberty stand for?
Answer: Liberty
14. What a rag rugs made of?
Answer: Rags
15. How many quarters make a pair?
Answer: Two

A Lot of Laughs

Use these questions and challenge your guests for the answers. Check to see if their knowledge is correct.

1. Do you know why storks stand on one leg?
Answer: Because if they lifted the other one they would fall.
2. If you had a sandwich and I had a sandwich, what would you have?
Answer: Lunch
3. If you went into a room and only had one match, and there was a kerosene lamp, an oil heater and a wood burning stove, which would you light first?
Answer: The match
4. What is the best possible use for oak bark?
Answer: To cover an oak tree
5. What was our president's name in 1947?
Answer: Bill Clinton
6. How do you get down off an elephant?
Answer: You don't, you get down off a duck or a goose
7. Why can't a man living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, be buried west of Missouri?
Answer: Because he isn't dead
8. You take two apples from three apples what do you have?
Answer: Two apples
9. Some months have 30 days, some have 31; how many months have 28 days?
Answer: All of them
10. Do they have a Fourth of July in England?
Answer: Yes, if not, where would the 5th of July come from

What's In Your Purse Game

Give a prize to the guest that has the most of the items in her purse. (Male guests may use contents of wallet and pockets.) Give the guests a slip of paper to keep track of their items.

1. An outdated calendar
2. A burnt match
3. An old love letter
4. A safety pin
5. Postage stamps
6. A dry cleaning stub
7. A nylon
8. A handkerchief
9. A spool of thread
10. A picture of a man or woman you didn't marry
11. A parking ticket
12. A grocery receipt
13. Pills of any kind
14. Tupperware
15. A pair of sunglasses
16. Gum or candy
17. A lighter
18. A tube of lotion
19. A hairbrush or comb
20. A product that you think is the strangest (Consultant will determine strangest product)